Advanced CAD / CAM Technology

Take Advantage of Our Modern Dental Treatments

As a successful dental office, Valerie S. Deibler DDS always adapts with changing technology. We strive to grow by finding the best ways to continue with our practice. So when you come to us, you’ll be well taken care of and can expect our staff to be fully educated on any new technology.

When a tooth needs a restoration, we can often use CAD / CAM technology. The letters "CAD / CAM" stand for "computer-aided design" and "computer-aided manufacturing." We can use this technology to custom-design and fabricate tooth-colored restorations, crowns, onlays, inlays, or veneers, all-in-one appointment. CAD / CAM restorations are often the best choice for a healthy, beautiful, and natural-looking smile.
Cam restoration

Benefits of CAD / CAM Restorations

  • They are very accurate
  • Only a minimal amount of tooth preparation is needed, leaving more of the healthy tooth structure intact
  • They usually require only 1 appointment, even when we’re working on more than 1 tooth
  • The restorations are made of tooth-colored materials
cone beam X-ray

3-D Image and Cone Beam X-ray 

The precision of the 3-D image is extremely useful in placing implants, planning orthodontic treatment, locating root canals, evaluating problems with the jaw joints, and diagnosing possible cysts, tumors, or infections at earlier stages.

Cone beam X-rays help us plan your treatment with an increased accuracy and a more detailed diagnosis. It’s a technological advancement that helps us improve oral health.
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Our staff is always learning new ways to effectively manage pain and new technology to keep up with the current literature. We strive to attain more than the required number of learning hours each year.
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